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Shop COVID -19 Essentials At SA's Largest Online Medical Retailer
Shop COVID -19 Essentials At SA's Largest Online Medical Retailer


  • from R 11.45

    Accu Dil Solution 0.5%


    Apply the undiluted solution on surfaces for effective disinfecting.

    from R 11.45
  • R 648.75

    Accutane 5% 5L

    MedSupplies SA

    Keep your workplace and home clean and safe from bacteria using the Accutane 5% sanitizing solution.

    R 648.75
  • R 73.55

    Accutane Concentrate 5% 500ml


    Keep your workplace and home clean and safe from bacteria using the Accutane 5% sanitizing solution.

    R 73.55
  • R 41.35

    Acetic Acid Eardrops 20ml


    Used to treat outer ear infections such as "swimmer's ears"      

    R 41.35
  • R 97.75

    Acetone 500ml


    Common uses of Acetone include cleaner for grease, oil, resin, ink, permanent marker, adhesive, and paint Acetone isn't toxic, but it is dangerous...

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    R 97.75
  • R 9.10

    Actamol Syrup Red 100ml


    Provides pain relief of mild to moderate pain and fever for children Contains Paracetamol Tartrazine and sugar free For ages 3 months to 12 years

    R 9.10
  • R 163.50

    Activated Charcoal Tablets 120 Tablets


    Taken by mouth to treat poisonings Used for intestinal gas (flatulence), high cholesterol, hangovers, upset stomach, and bile flow problems (chol...

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    R 163.50
  • R 64.88

    Activovite Complete Tablets 30

    MedSupplies SA

    A healthy boost to the immune system Proves a nutritious supply of multivitamins and minerals

    R 64.88
  • Sold out
    R 2,662.25

    Acuweigh Sliding Weight Scale


    This scale is perfect for us in enterprises, schoolds, hospitals, clinics and sport centres Specification: 405 x 280 Platform size 85 x 2000 Heigh...

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    R 2,662.25
    Sold out
  • R 62.40

    Airborne Effervescent 10 Tablets


    Airborne Effervescent Tablets Daily are an immune system supporter with a burst of Vitamin C 10 Effervescent tablets

    R 62.40
  • from R 71.25

    Alcohol 70%


    Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol that is effective against bacteria Disinfects and sanitizes any surface fast

    from R 71.25
  • from R 80.45

    Alcohol 90%


    Contains 90% Ethyl Alcohol that is effective for the disinfecting of surfaces in your home and workplace Apply the undiluted solution on surfaces ...

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    from R 80.45
  • R 88.50

    Alcohol Absolute 99.8% 500ml


    Contains 99.8% Ethyl Alcohol that kills bacteria and germs on surfaces

    R 88.50
  • R 54.63

    Alcohol Isopropyl 70% 500ml


    Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Ideal for sanitizing surfaces at home, at the worplace and in health facilities

    R 54.63
  • R 52.80

    Alcohol Prep Swabs 200pcs


    For preparation of the skin prior to injection Used to clean small cuts, scrapes, and blisters Individually wrapped to prevent drying out Packed i...

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    R 52.80
  • R 799.95

    AlcoScan Personal Digital Breathalyzer


    Easy to use, reliable and reusable Suitable for personal use only

    R 799.95
  • R 2.60

    Alcotest AL5000 and 6000 Mouthpieces


    The Alcoscan Mouthpieces will fit the Revo TS200, AlcoMate Pro, AlcoMate Core, AlcoMate Plus, Prestige AL5000, Prestige AL6000, Premium AL7000, an...

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    R 2.60
  • R 57.45

    Aloe Vera Gel 75ml


    Aloe Vera Gel is used to treat sores, cuts and burns/stings This gel can also be used for general skin care and common skin conditions such as Ecz...

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    R 57.45
  • R 44.79

    Always Maxi Sanitary Pads 18 Pads


    Anti-leakage barriers, adding an extra layer of protection Stretchable wings help keep the pad in place

    R 44.79
  • R 14,944.30

    Ambulance Stretcher


    Our standard ambulance stretchers, with an excellent weight to strength ration,    are excellent value without compromising quality Technical Spe...

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    R 14,944.30
  • R 977.50

    Aneroid Blood Pressure Meter on Mobile Stand


    Specifications:• Square shaped 14cm diameter dial • 360° Manometer swivel for easy-reading • Left and right adjustable • Aluminum stand and tube• 5...

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    R 977.50
  • R 398.25

    Anti Snore Pillow


    The anti-snore pillow is made from soft sponge material that supports the head of the user and provides comfort The pillow also maintains its shape

    R 398.25
  • R 90.80

    Anusol Ointment 25g


    Anusol Ointment contains an applicator that assists in relieving pain and irritation of piles Soothes itching Reduces swelling

    R 90.80
  • R 24.10

    Aqueous Cream 500g


    Suitable for dry skin Nourishes, moisturizes and repairs damaged skin

    R 24.10