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Shop COVID -19 Essentials At SA's Largest Online Medical Retailer
Shop COVID -19 Essentials At SA's Largest Online Medical Retailer

Herbal Remedies

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    R 90.80

    Prospan Cough Syrup 100ml


    Prospan Cough Syrup disperses the mucus in the lungs to relieve chesty, wet coughs Also helps to enhance breathing and reduce coughing attacks Alc...

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    R 90.80
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  • R 98.85

    Himalaya Mentat Tablets 50


    Himalaya Mentat tablets assist in boosting and maintaining your mental energy Contain natural properties  Assists in treating fatigue, anxiety, st...

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    R 98.85
  • R 180.50

    Echinaforce Junior 120


    Helps children fight colds and flu Supports the immune system Herbal remedy

    R 180.50
  • R 33.30

    Jamaika Ginger 20ml


    Jamaika Ginger is indicated for use in the treatment of colic, winds, pains in the stomach and indigestion

    R 33.30
  • R 13.25

    Gentian Violet 20ml


    Gentian Violet treats bacteria and fungal skin infections and provides relief to the affected area

    R 13.25
  • from R 25.25

    Friars Balsam 20ml


    Friars’ Balsam contains benzoin which acts as a decongestant for the relief of cold symptoms. Use Friars Balsam (when undiluted) as an antiseptic ...

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  • R 62.05

    Baba Suur 50ml


    Baba Suur provides your baby with relief from acid reflux  Relieves hyperacidity

    R 62.05
  • R 26.40

    Haarlemensis 20ml


    Haarlemensis is useful for kidney and bladder issues Not suitable for children

    R 26.40
  • R 61.05

    One Day Flu Cure 100ml


    One-day flu cure suspension assists in relieving the symptoms of influenza and colds For ages 6 years and up

    R 61.05